Solution Cube was founded to transform Facility Management into a more technology focused business by making it more measurable, controllable, manageable, reportable. We provide services such as personnel, energy, equipment, manufacturing productivity through IIoT sensors, platform,data analysis layers and finally automated action reporting. Founded in 2014, Solution Cube aims at raising profitability, competitiveness, predictability in production planning by providing clients with measurable productivity and become better prepared for the challenges ahead.

Solution Cube


Managing by Measuring

By using the data coming from the measurement equipment to the IoT platform, we increase the energy, personnel, equipment and consequently the production efficiency in a facility by establishing correlations with different data sets and gain a cost and competitive advantage for the client.

Service Excellence

We innovate new services for ever changing client needs and invest in it. We keep developing as we aim to make life easier for our clients.

Improving Business Results

Industrial IoT is a system that optimizes business results by connecting people, processes and assets using the internet.

What We Do ?

You focus on your business, and we will perform all the management services you will need in your projects.


Trending and Monitoring

The energy consumed by the critical equipment used in the production process is constantly monitored and the trends of the energy consumed in different time periods are recorded, analyzed and the normal operating limits of the facility are then defined.


Creating a rule set based on trends and facility operation

After the facility-specific limits (lower and upper values) are established, rules regarding the values ​​outside these limits (frequency of occurrence of out-of-limit values, timing, duration, size of the difference between the out-of-limit value and the limit value, etc.) are created.


Real time data analysis

When a rule needs to be applied relevant actions / alarms are defined together with the facility managers.


Preventive dynamic assignment

When an alarm is raised about any rule violations from the IoT platform, scenarios about who will do what on site will be created with the facility managers and administrators will be trained after completion.


Preventive maintenance services based on data analysis

If there is an Enterprise Asset Management System used in the plant, it will be operated integrated with the Industrial IoT system (creating an automatic work order, etc.) to ensure maintenance before the failure occurs; significant savings are made in troubleshooting, spare parts and work stop costs.


Measurement of the competence and efficiency of maintenance personnel at the facility

If there is an Enterprise Asset Management System used in the facility, the efficiency of the work carried out by maintenance personnel (frequency of re-occurrence of failures, confirmation of correct root cause detection of failures, etc.) will be measured by operating integrated with the Industrial IoT system (analyzing the time each staff member spends in the facility on a region-by- region basis thanks to the monitoring system) and the problems caused by the faults are reduced.


Developing energy efficiency projects through industrial IoT

Thanks to the data analyses to be carried out, energy efficiency projects will be created by identifying the areas where energy is used inefficiently and productivity increases are reported after the investment is completed and the planned and realized comparisons of the return on investment period are made.


Cross-site comparison

For companies with facilities in more than one place, the efficiency provided in each facility will be compared between each other and best practices will be determined and efficiency is increased by applying in other facilities.

We Are Empowered by Our Group

We are aligned with all group subsidiary companies and design integrated service models for our clients.


Founded in 1996, to develop projects on environment and water. Aimed at handing over the accumulated experiences/ expertise to future generations to leave them a livable nature.

ATP Environmental and Energy Systems Inc.

ATP works to meet the ever-increasing energy needs of our country, to reduce the dependency on foreign energy, and to create renewable clean energy resources by minimizing environmental pollution.

Eptaş Energy Trade INC.

EPTAŞ Energy, accelerates its electricity sales activities with the reduction of the free consumer limit in the energy sector with the new regulations and the opening of bilateral agreements, and offers all tariff groups that exceed the free consumer limit the opportunity to benefit from cheap electricity, regardless of consumption.

We gave importance to quality rather than quantity in all the projects we serve. This is why we have always formed our teams with qualified friends. We have always been open to technology and innovation in order to add a new excitement to our industry and to differentiate the services provided.

Solutıon Cube Mobil App.

With Solution Cube Mobile Application, facility management services, instant data monitoring and equipment tracking services are at the fingertips of our customers!

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